The not-so-Civil War

The war of religion and science has always enveloped the face of our planet Earth in one form or another. Be it the debates about who invented the first airplane or the crucifixion of Galileo by the church. Be it today’s pseudo-Gods and preachers of false science, or the jackass in the White House that declines proven facts. Yet, the moment that rocks me to my core every time I listen to two people of either side debate is when the one who denies science comes up with something


“But, it is my faith! I can preach it as you preach yours. Gravity has no perfect explanation, neither does the start of the universe. Yet, you agree to believe them and work for their proof. Why can I not accept the existence of One Supreme being and be done with it?”

There are many alterations to this famous dialog which has been overheard a lot over the years humanity has been in existence. The way these priests, or babas, or gurus go about thrashing and denying well-proven and factual pillars of science, is surprising, humorous even. Yet, the fact of the matter is they have hoards of blind, unaware people shadowing them, who believe in ways more aggressive and troubling than just talks. The instance of the taboo of having menstruating women in temples, or the prohibition of talking about the bees and the birds in many schools of our country, or the fact that we are willing to follow texts written tens of thousands of years ago, blindly and denying the proven studies is a clear cut show of tomfoolery and childishness that we have never been able to grow out of.

Now, jumping back to the above statement that our ‘orthodox and presumably religious‘ counterparts love quoting, I have a simple reply. And those of you who agree with them to a strong level, please let this sink in for a while before telling me where I went wrong. I’d really appreciate it.

Okay, so here goes:

The one major difference between me believing in the science I study and you believing in the texts you read is that my beliefs do NOT get people killed. My beliefs are NOT the reason behind the mob wars all over the world. My beliefs are NOT the corner-stones on which countries part and corrupt leaders come to power. Those are yours. I don’t mind you believing in your supposed facts and their results, as ignorant as that makes you, obviously, as long as you keep them to yourself, and let the people who want no part of it, live peacefully.

I know it is a hard job to do, and I am not blaming everyone who is a non-believer. Only the segment that always finds a way to somehow pull in the corrupt devil of violence and wars. THAT. IS. IT!



Whenever I encounter someone telling me to go worship the God, somehow, I always end up asking, “Which one?”, and I know I am not alone with this confusion in mind. Somehow, somewhere within me, I still believe that there is a supreme power and someday, we’ll reach him/her/it, but, through the paths of science. Or maybe we won’t!

I don’t know, and not knowing is completely fine.

I don’t believe in walking into a 4X4 room with a stone kept in the middle and bowing before it. I don’t think that the Gods you religious souls look for are in there. Neither are they in the books, that you preach and quote as proven facts. (See what I did there?)

So, in the much-awaited end (:P), to all my evolution haters, my flat-Earthers, my homophobes and my anti-Big-Bang preachers that are out there, let me tell this in a way you might understand.

For the love of God, just try opening your eyes and realizing that you might be wrong. That is all I ask for, and that is all I hope you’ll try to land well on.


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