The MO(b)ral killings

It is not rare these days to come across the news of religious lynchings and political mob violence in areas both rural as well as urban. Be it the suspected transfer of beef or a couple trying to break the norm of same caste marriage, the crowd loves to take the matter into their own hands, and somehow, the situation keeps getting worse. Now, we as a society are starting to mold ourselves with the circumstance, instead of taking a step towards revamping Continue reading “The MO(b)ral killings”

The not-so-Civil War

The war of religion and science has always enveloped the face of our planet Earth in one form or another. Be it the debates about who invented the first airplane or the crucifixion of Galileo by the church. Be it today’s pseudo-Gods and preachers of false science, or the jackass in the White House that declines proven facts. Yet, the moment that rocks me to my core every time I listen to two people of either side debate is when the one who denies science comes up with something

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The fault in our wars!

It has been long since I’ve got a chance to pen down my thoughts, but that has been mostly because I have not been able to compile them well. Since now I think I have, so here goes!

Last week, our country’s national cricket team was defeated by our ‘arch-rival’ and neighbor, Pakistan. As much as I wanted our team to come up at the top, that did not happen.

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A rant a day, keeps the nationalist away?

It is the year 2017 and we, as a country, will be reaching 70 years of independence this year.

We will have been free of promises and slavery for about three-quarters of a century, and yet, we still have a knack for pointing out women who wear anti-snaskaari apparels, apparently.

We still have constituencies (as if there is anything constitutional about them) that
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Thank you, friend.


No matter how many posts I write on this topic, there is always something inside me persuading me to talk some more about it, to write some more about it. Well, this time, I have a reason to do exactly that.

I have a friend. A friend who is one of the greatest and best people I know. A friend who gave one of those depressing engineering exams this month. My friend was really determined to knock this exam out of the park and I believed in my friend. Yet, somehow, the chills got

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The duty to the BEEFt?

In a country that flaunts and boasts of its 33 million Gods, it feels really puny as to how we also continue to not only bow down to a four-legged creature but also kill for it. If you think of it, the irony soon turns into a grave fear of the kind of society that we are strutting towards. A society of people with a short temper and blind faiths, faiths they are willing to take someone’s life for. While the horrifying instances of the rising number of Gau-Rakshaks continue to fill our news feeds
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Fake friends or loyal enemies?

In today’s world, the art of journalism has turned into nothing but a facade. A bunch of TRP hungry hypocrites who continue to go at each other, giving a minuscule of attention to the truth. “Why to tell it when you can sell it” has become a life’s goal for most of the media houses out there. The concept of a true news is nothing more than a ruse anymore. The party that can pay more, can print more and can print anything it likes.

In a recent news, a famous media house
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